Early Fellowship
9:20 a.m.--Sundays
Come have some coffee or juice and a donut before Sunday School or church.  Early fellowship meets in the Parlor that can be accessed through the north double doors off the parking lot found on the 40th street entrance.  Come share the refreshments and get to know us.

After Church Fellowship
Noonish--Immediate following worship

Did we not say we were a People of the Table? Each Sunday following worship our adult Sunday School classes take turns providing refreshments while everyone catches up with each other and we get to meet new friends.  Come and see.

Friday Frolics
Come at noon for a potluck lunch and stay for an afternoon of table games, fun, and fellowship. Although most participants are retirees, all are welcome.

Dinner at Johnnies
Technically this is a mission project, because if you eat at Johnnies Restaurant on Britton Road near May Avenue in the evening on the first Sunday of the month the restaurant will donate part of its profits to the church and we use those donations to support missions.  Realistically, this is a fun way to spend Sunday evening in food and fellowship with good friends.  Come and join us, it is a great opportunity to get to know us.