Christian Education--Sunday School

All adult Sunday school classes are open to anyone seeking to learn about God.  Each class has a diverse learning style and uses a variety of study materials.

Our Preschool thru Grade School Class uses a "one big room" style of curriculum.  We use a variety of teaching mediums. We also offer Worship and Wonder during our worship service.

Our Youth Group, ages 6th grade thru 12th grade, uses a variety of teaching material.  Sometimes bible-based and sometimes current events.

The Casual Sundays Class selects materials that guide them in the contex of a Christian life.  It includes Young or Younger Adults-Age not Defined; Marrieds and Singles;and is Led by Aaron and Emma Krueger.   Aaron is Associate Minister; Emma works in Small Business. They support outreach projects such as a day of pampering for single moms.

The Discipleship Class is an inter-generational, discussion class that explores the God questions of contemporary life.  This class supports church outreach projects and works to further develop their discipleship as their name implies.

Having a strong Bible focus, the Homemaker Class digs deeply into the scriptures using mostly a combined lecture/discussion method and following Uniform Lesson Material.  The Homemaker Class supports church outreach projects and enjoys fellowship on special occasions like Christmas.  The name of the class reflects the status of the young families that formed it following World War II.  It, however, continues to describe them as they strive to make Crown Heights a home for others.

The Hood Fellowship is a discussion class, the members select a book to guide their discussion and generally try to rotate between a book about our lives as Christians and books that lead deeper into the Bible.   This class includes persons of diverse ages mostly over 50.  This class takes responsibility for Harmony Prayer Garden, supports church outreach projects, and enjoys fun, food, and fellowship at various times during the year. The Hood Fellowship was named after the mentors who started the class, Dr. F. Redding and Virginia Hood.

The Lamplighters Class is made up of near and new active retirees who pursue in-depth Bible study.  During Christmas and Easter, they may focus there study on the season of the year.  The class supports church outreach projects and other outreach efforts.  They have adopted a flower bed, which they routinely maintain.  And they meet once each month for dinner and good conversation.